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Fresh Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants, which leads to one of the main differences between fresh turmeric and powder: bioavailability. The nutrients in raw turmeric are more easily absorbed and used by the body when compared to those in the dried and powdered variety.  So put the powder down and BUY the real deal.


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Where Can You Buy Fresh Turmeric?

Lot of  turmeric users are googling  "Where Can You Buy Fresh Turmeric in the UK?".  And you have landed on the right website to buy best quality fresh turmeric root.

Turmeric is native to India and southern Asia. It has been used in both Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese herbal medicine to treat liver problems including jaundice. Fresh turmeric or dry; A key component of curry mixtures, turmeric's golden-yellow colour is familiar to all who eat Indian food. Turmeric root has traditionally been taken to heal many kinds of allergic and inflammatory conditions and research has established that it has extensive health benefits, due in particular to its strong anti-inflammatory activity.

When you looking to buy fresh turmeric root then It can be found in the fresh vegetable section in any supermarket especially in London. You can also look for them in any health food store or Asian and Indian grocery stores. If you live outside London then it can be very difficult to buy fresh turmeric as it is not available in all other supermarkets. London is a busy city and there are people from Asian communities that is why it's a bit easy to find it here. Another option is you can buy them from eBay or Amazon.

Your Answer to  "Where Can You Buy Fresh Turmeric in the UK?"

We (AMAR VEG (UK) LIMITED) are the largest importer and wholesale & retail supplier of fresh turmeric in the UK. Our wholesale warehouse is based in Old Ford Road, London. Apart from the fresh turmeric; we import many other fresh vegetables from around the world. Many people has asked us why don’t we open an online shop so that customers can buy the fresh turmeric in small quantity with Unbeatable Price. This is why we have our online shop now to serve the Turmeric User Group in the UK.

We import  directly from India.  They are the largest producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric in the world. Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world market because of its high curcumin content. India accounts for about 80 per cent of world turmeric production and 60 per cent of world exports. We will post our item by Royal Mail. Buy with confidence direct from the importer as we offer you unbeatable price with super premium quality.

Medicinal Use

Part used: Root
Key actions
•Antioxidant Protects liver
•Stimulates bile flow


Turmeric promotes healthy function within the upper digestive system as a whole, countering infection and inflammation within the stomach and small intestine. At the same time, it acts to protect the liver from toxic damage and stimulates bile flow. Cancer PreventionTurmeric has a role to play in many chronic health problems and is increasingly being used as a cancer-preventative. More controversially, fresh or dry turmeric may be a valuable supplement to take to support good health where cancer has been diagnosed. In this case, take the herb only on the recommendation of a qualified herbal practitioner or doctor.

Other uses

The root's marked antioxidant activity means that it has a role to play in much chronic illness. Recent research suggests possible benefit in conditions as diverse as indigestion and nausea, gastritis, peptic ulcer, liver disorders, high blood cholesterol levels, arthritis, and inflammatory autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease. Turmeric also has antifungal and antibacterial activity and can help treat candidiasis. The fresh turmeric or powder can be made into a paste and applied to infected areas of the skin.

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